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Are there any meals prepared without garlic-infused oil?

Garlic-infused oil and the low FODMAP diet

Our garlic-infused olive oil offers delicious flavor while still complying to the low FODMAP elimination diet guidelines. Many of our customers are grateful to be able to enjoy garlic flavor and not experience any digestive issues! Because FODMAPs are water-soluble, and water and oil do not mix (Science 101), adding garlic to oil to infuse the flavor  and then removing the garlic flesh will not allow the water-soluble fructans (a type of FODMAP) to leach into the oil. As always, before altering your diet or trying new foods, such as Epicured low FODMAP and gluten free meals, speak with your healthcare provider.  

As a reminder, the low FODMAP elimination diet is not a FODMAP-free diet. The goal of this science-based diet is to reduce the amount of FODMAPs to a level that provides symptomatic relief. Most low FODMAP grains, fruits, and vegetables have small amounts of FODMAPs but are allowed in specific portion levels to comply with the low FODMAP elimination diet guidelines.


Are there any meals prepared without garlic-infused oil? 

We do understand that garlic infused oil may still be a concern for some of you when navigating your own dietary modifications and our menu sections. If garlic-infused oil contributes to symptoms, this is likely related to another type of food sensitivity and not a FODMAP intolerance issue. Please discuss any food intolerance symptoms you experience with your physician for proper guidance. 


You can find a complete list of meals that do not contain any garlic-infused oil below: