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I Think My Delivery Might Be Delayed. What Do I Do?

We’re sticklers for quality, even when it comes to delivery. 

Please note the carriers deliver within 48 hours of the anticipated arrival date and 4 hours of any delivery window. Delivery times are subject to traffic, weather and other variables outside of our control.

Unexpected delays can sometimes occur, but our shipping partners will do their best to deliver your box on your scheduled delivery day. If for any reason your box arrives later than expected: 

    • Check your inbox for an email from Epicured regarding your delivery. This email might include a status update of the delivery, next steps Epicured is taking regarding your delivery, or specific instructions about the freshness of your meals. 
    • You can also confirm your delivery time. This article will help you do that.

When to Wait: 

We communicate proactively about boxes impacted by delays of one or more days. If you are set to receive a delivery via UPS/FEDEX, you will receive a delay notification around 9PM EST. This email will provide more information about your delivery and the quality of your meals.

When to Contact Our Support Team: 

We’re more than happy to help you with any delivery issues. We would encourage you to contact us when:

    • Your UPS/FEDEX tracking information indicates that your box has an exception: an unforeseen event, an incorrect address, or damages which interrupts transit. 
    • Your box arrives damaged.
    • You receive additional delivery emails from Epicured and have questions. 
    • You did not receive a UPS/FEDEX tracking number. (NOTE: deliveries in the New York metropolitan area are not shipped via UPS. CLICK HERE for details on delivery times and locations.)
    • You receive an email stating the box was delivered, and you cannot locate your box. 

To reach out to our Customer Support Team for assistance CLICK HERE. If you contact us via email, please include the UPS tracking number if applicable. 

Our regular business hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST. Weekend delivery inquiries will be answered within 48 hours.


As a reminder Epicured has a no return and no refund policy. We will make every effort to replace your meals or provide a store credit should the carriers fail to deliver on time. We cannot accept food back into our facility at any time for any reason. The team at Epicured makes every effort to ensure your food arrives safely and on time. If there is an instance whereby we need to address a concern regarding part or all of your order please reach out to us immediately. You can reach us via email or call Customer Service at (917) 260-8506.