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I’m a clinician and would like to work with Epicured. What opportunities are there for me?

Epicured is partnered with a number of top physicians and registered dietitians across the country. Our “Partners in Health” network is a one-of-a-kind community of clinicians who believe that great food is essential to healing. It is with their help and guidance that we are uniquely well-suited to accommodate a variety of gastroenterological conditions. 

You can learn more about the great things we are doing with our partners by clicking here.


If you're an RD, GI, PCP, and another practitioner interested in offering your patients a better way to manage digestive illness, join our network. Members enjoy:

  • A Complimentary Sampler Box so you can experience Epicured first-hand.
  • Inspiring low FODMAP patient education materials.
  • Opportunities to promote clinical practices through email and social media.
  • The RxBox Program for Patients: a free $120 low FODMAP starter pack of delicious Epicured meals, snacks, and beverages for your patients to customize and enjoy. 
  • Access to the Epicured Test Kitchen for events and cooking demos in NYC.
  • Continuing education materials including webinars with Kate Scarlata, Jane Muir, Tamara Freuman, Megan Riehl and more, all available on-demand.

Ready to join? Reach out to our clinical team here.