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How do I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel all your upcoming deliveries, this article shows you how to do it.

Viewing, editing, skipping, and canceling orders all can happen on your account page, which looks like this:

new acct page.001

Here, you will be able to cancel your subscription. Simply scroll down and click cancel subscription.

new acct page.001-Aug-17-2020-12-56-56-00-AM

After clicking on cancel subscription, you'll be asked whether you'd rather skip future orders and then resume. To confirm your cancelation. simply click "Yes, I'm sure. I still want to cancel" at the bottom of the screen.

new acct page.001-Aug-17-2020-01-07-13-15-AM

Please note: each Friday at 1pm EST, we confirm orders for the coming week. If you cancel your subscription after that time, you will still be charged for the coming week.


Epicured has a no return and no refund policy. We cannot accept food back into our facility at any time for any reason. We encourage you to take a picture of any item of concern to share with our team. The team at Epicured makes every effort to ensure your food arrives safely and on time. If there is an instance whereby we need to address a concern regarding part or all of your order please reach out to us immediately. You can reach us via email or call Customer Service at (917) 260-8506.