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How do I edit my order?

This article shows how to try new meals and change quantity of meals in your order.

Viewing, editing, skipping, and canceling orders all can happen on your account page. When you arrive, you'll be greeted by our new calendar view:

new acct page.001

Here, you will be able to make changes to orders for next week and beyond. We confirm orders each week on Fridays, so you will not be able to edit deliveries for the current week.


To view and then change your order, start by clicking on the day of delivery on the calendar. Then scroll down to find the "change order" button shown below.

new acct page.002

This will bring you to your shopping cart where you can change quantities or remove meals. You will be also able to make changes for other upcoming delivery days in that same week.

new acct page.001-2

NOTE: if you edit or remove items from the shopping cart page, please be sure to click the update button shown below to save your changes!

new acct page.001-Aug-16-2020-01-51-46-78-PM

Looking to try something else? Click "continue shopping" to change meals.

new acct page.001-Aug-16-2020-01-53-46-30-PM

This will launch our complete menu.

new acct page.001-Aug-16-2020-02-20-16-02-PM

Go ahead and choose what you'd like! Click "add to cart" to select, or click the dish images to learn more about them and then choose. Just like in the shopping cart, you will be also able to make changes for other upcoming delivery days in that same week.

Once you have made your selections, click checkout or view cart to save your changes.

new acct page.002-2 

When you're back in your cart, click the update button to save.

new acct page.001-Aug-16-2020-01-51-46-78-PM

After you successfully update your order, you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not, just shoot us an email.