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How are you managing UPS/FEDEX delays?

At Epicured, we are 100% dedicated to delivering fresh food safely to your door. Please note the carriers deliver within 48 hours of the anticipated arrival date and 4 hours of any delivery window.

If your box arrives after the above mentioned window, the food may have spoiled and it should be discarded (aside from energy bites and granola which can last longer outside of a refrigerator). We recognize how disappointing it is to see all that food go to waste. We will make every effort to schedule another delivery for later in the week. You will be notified as soon as possible about what options are available to you.

We thank you again and invite you to please contact us with any questions.


Epicured has a no return and no refund policy. We cannot accept food back into our facility at any time for any reason. We encourage you to take a picture of any item of concern to share with our team. The team at Epicured makes every effort to ensure your food arrives safely and on time. If there is an instance whereby we need to address a concern regarding part or all of your order please reach out to us immediately. You can reach us via email or call Customer Service at (917) 260-8506.