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How are you managing UPS delays?

At Epicured, we are 100% dedicated to delivering fresh food safely to your door. Unfortunately, in light of complex national and global situations, our shipping partners are experiencing delays and we appreciate your patience in these difficult times

We have seen a rise in shipping delays with UPS, impacting our customers outside of the New York metropolitan area. In the event that your package is delayed, this is what will happen:

If your box arrives a day late, the food will have spoiled and it should be discarded (aside from energy bites and granola which can last longer outside of a refrigerator). We recognize how disappointing it is to see all that food go to waste. We will make every effort to schedule another delivery for later in the week. In the event that this cannot occur or you would prefer not to have your delivery rescheduled, your box will be refunded. You will be notified as soon as possible about what options are available to you.

We thank you again and invite you to please contact us with any questions.